Recambio Original Asiático

About OEM Pemebla

At Pemebla we have been working on OEM products for more than 20 years, original spare parts for Asian brands. With a level of service, experience and advantages that will allow you to be more competitive. Not only do we offer a very competitive price against the market average for this type of spare part, but we also have an important stock and it will be enough to have the chassis number to know if the parts will be valid for your client.

More information

We have 23,000 references in stock ready to deliver. For references that do not appear in our catalog, we supply in a period of less than 24/48 hours.

Product range Original Spare

  • Bodywork

    Fins, bumpers, hoods, doors and cloths, reinforcements and absorbers, fenders, locks and hinges, mirrors, windows, grilles and moldings, wheels and hubcaps and expansion tanks.

    Windshield, rear windows and side windows.

    Headlights, lights and fog lights, front and rear lights, reflex and wing lights.

    Asian Original Spare Parts
  • Mechanics

    Filters, brakes, clutches, distribution, cooling, motor, suspension, gaskets, water pumps and electrical components.

    Asian Original Spare Parts