How to get drivers to pay attention to vehicle damping?

Shock absorbers protect your life in the vehicle, just like a seat belt.

Unfortunately, the concern for vehicle maintenance on the part of users continues to decrease.

It is increasingly difficult to convince drivers that vehicle maintenance is very important for road safety and that they should not only worry when something breaks or when we do not pass the ITV.

Caring for the vehicle must be a constant and there are certain elements that are easily forgotten, especially those that are not seen.

The current economic crisis environment does not help, where we tend to postpone what is not immediate or necessary. For this reason, the periodic review of the car is delayed, lengthening the time until it is irreparable to have to deal with it.

The aging of the fleet also has an impact on the spending that consumers are willing to make, it is thought that the older vehicle less outlay is willing to make. When a vehicle is older, it has greater general deficiencies and compromises safety more, so we should never compromise on the quality of the spare part.

The goal of vehicle damping is not comfort!

In the article we are dealing with, we want to deal with a replacement of those “secondary” for users, of those that if it does not cause problems, it is not changed throughout the life of the vehicle. Shock absorbers.

If we ask what damping is, most drivers probably associate it with comfort, if we notice more or less the potholes or those “dear” bumps that we frequently find in our cities.

We are not aware of the importance of good damping.

But not! The goal of vehicle damping is not comfort! How? No? And then what is it?

Well, as part of the vehicle’s steering and suspension system, the purpose of cushioning is our safety.

Shock absorbers, among other functions, are responsible for guaranteeing the contact of the tires with the road surface in the right proportion to ensure maximum grip, but at the same time with the ability to take on the irregularities of the road surface and avoid an unexpected modification. of the vehicle’s path.

That is why the maintenance of the shock absorbers should be similar to that of the tires, check them every 20,000 kilometers and replace them every 60,000 kilometers or every five years.

All of us who work in the after-sales sector are aware of this, not only the shock absorbers, tires, brakes, filters, suspension and steering system, oil, brushes, etc. And it is our responsibility to raise awareness and convince drivers. How? Very simple, shock absorbers protect your life in the vehicle, just like a seat belt, just like brakes and tires (in these products it seems that there is more awareness.

What other argument could be more relevant than protecting our lives and those of those who accompany us?

Therefore, the user will tell us:

  1. If they are not broken, why change them?
  2. It is very expensive.
  3. My car is old and not worth changing.

For our part, we will launch our most powerful arguments:

  1. It is for your safety and that of yours.
  2. How many kilometers have you traveled with those shock absorbers? Let’s say that the recommended 60,000 km, how much has it cost you per kilometer? 0.5 cents? It is expensive?
  3. Precisely because your vehicle is old, it is necessary to change them, the older the vehicle, the better maintenance it must have to guarantee safety.

From Pemebla we distribute the complete range of shock absorbers of the Japanparts brand. We trust this brand because we know that it provides a value for money that guarantees the safety of users by adjusting the price to what, in the current situation, a driver may consider as reasonable.

We trust that together we can instill in society the importance of vehicle maintenance. It is necessary to invest in an element that directly impacts our safety and that of others, shock absorbers.