From experiences, I always say that we must get the positive side, therefore, now, we can change the saying to “We always remember Santa Barbara when it snows.” Many of us are going to pull our hair when starting the car after this storm, and see that the attempt is exhausted in two movements of the key or the ignition button.

We always remember Santa Barbara when it snows or, the importance of always having the car ready.

The fleet of vehicles rolled in Spain is around 24.4 million units. But the problem is that the average age of that park is 12.7 years old.

For a few years now, we are observing how the habit of taking the car to service or maintenance, before a trip or before the holidays has become a chimera. And today most cars are well checked when it comes to ITV, but it is usually late. We remember when we were stranded on the road and we have no choice but to take it to the workshop.

Perhaps we are missing awareness campaigns by the corresponding public bodies, which before directing all efforts to sanction, or maintain such an aggressive fiscal policy for the sector, give free rein to the imagination and instill the importance of proper maintenance of the car, and more seeing the age of our automobile fleet.

In the long run, we can assure you that having a good revision and tuning of the car is cheaper for the user. Above all, it is safer for him and for everyone, since mechanical breakdown on the road is one of the causes that causes greater accidents.

With this storm, which was still announced, we did not believe it, we have seen how important it is to have the car in perfect condition.

But is it enough to have the tires with the right tread or the brushes that clean the windshield well, or the battery in perfect condition? All these elements are of course very important, but they are not the only ones.

The windshield or the battery are elements of course they are very important, but they are not the only ones.

We must be very careful with elements of the car that are no less important. For example the brake discs and pads or the suspension, with the shock absorber as a star. These elements in poor condition lengthen the braking distance.

For this reason, I do not understand how, in the ITV, due technical attention is not paid to the quality of the state of this very important piece, responsible for accidents in many cases.

Another important element, which is often neglected, is the lighting. Headlights whose illumination is poor due to the state of the glass, or lights out, being dangerous both for the driver, as well as for the opposing driver or pedestrian.

All this, with regular and proper maintenance, can be avoided. I would tell the user that you do not have to spend large amounts of money, as there are alternatives in the aftermarket spare part, of similar quality to the original brand spare parts. These types of spare parts are perfectly approved by national or international certifying bodies that guarantee their quality one hundred percent.

Let’s take care of our car! and we won’t remember Santa Barbara when it snows …